22 Nov What Makes A Great Language Teacher

A good teacher appreciates the progress of the student, acknowledging learning developments, personal reflections and special efforts to continuously improve on accent or writing the alphabet. However, a great teacher focuses more on the challenges that learners experience, study mistakes and provide solutions that are easy and effective. How is that achieved? What qualities make a great language teacher stand out?

Here are 4 fundamental qualities of a great teacher that help learners master a language fast and effectively:

Knowledge mastery
The teacher must have a thorough knowledge of the oral and written language, both from a normative and a discursive point of view. By teaching verbal and non-verbal language, learners can adapt to different situations according to their proficiency level. This will enable the teacher to understand where learners make mistakes and pinpoint the areas to improve.

Proficiency of didactics and pedagogy
A key aspect of effective teaching is explaining concepts in different and creative ways. Illustrating words and phrases with concrete examples in different real-life scenarios gives relevance to learners. He or she must also explain the importance of homework, not only to follow the progress of the students, but also to demonstrate credibility on the knowledge of the language.

Students learn better when they feel positive about their teachers. Teachers are not expected to become friends with their students, but it’s essential to share their feelings towards learning and take an active interest in individual needs. By putting themselves in the place of their learners, teachers can establish a conducive learning environment, thus easily build relationships within the class. Regular and consistent practice significantly helps in learning a language; learners who are comfortable with each other can practice more frequently.

Establishing trust
To adopt a positive and constructive attitude towards students, a teacher should establish trust in the class. This also reduces the chances of some students feeling ‘left out’ because of the pace or test results. When a teacher is trustworthy, learners can always review their mistakes, which in turn, will motivate them to do better next time. Trust is crucial to boost their confidence in learning the language.

Teaching a language means having students from different cultures. A great teacher should leverage innovative methods to create a fun, engaging environment for teaching and learning.

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About the Author: A French language teacher, Samira G. is passionate about puzzles and dancing. Being a nature lover, her favorite hobbies include anything related to water, sea and the sun!

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    By teaching verbal and non-verbal language, learners can adapt to different situations according to their proficiency level.
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