12 Jan How To Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

Where an IQ can get you that job, it’s emotional intelligence (EQ) that gives you the ability to connect with others and manage the emotions of yourself and others; that determine how successful you are in life. Let us give you a short introduction into it:

A way of thinking about emotional intelligence is the Six Seconds model:

Six Seconds Model

Awareness – Increasing self-awareness and recognizing patterns and feelings let you understand what makes you tick and is the first step to growth.

Intentionality – Building self-management and self-direction allows you to consciously choose your thoughts, feelings, and actions (vs. reacting unconsciously).

Purpose – Aligning your daily choices with your larger sense of purpose unlocks your full power and potential. It comes from using empathy and principled decision-making to increase wisdom.

The Emotional Intelligence Blueprint

Being able to understand the link between emotions and actions and improving them can be of great importance to business and personal success. These skills will impact a higher level of achievement in your career and personal life.

Emotional Intelligence Blueprint

If this has piqued your interest, look to attend our 1 day workshop with your team to develop your emotional intelligence.

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