15 Jun How To Become The Ultimate Global Citizen

People connect in more ways than you could ever imagine. Technology has created a community where people share ideas and experiences within seconds. A global citizen goes beyond the fast-paced life and conquers the world through travel adventure. However, becoming a global citizen is not just taking a break from work or going on a vacation. It is all about living in a different place and exploring what a country has to offer. You will find yourself appreciating the true beauty of the place by living in the moment. Here are 6 tips on how to achieve your “Ultimate Global Citizen” badge:

1. Be adventurous with food

There are so many different types of foods and flavors in the world, but the adventure starts when you actually try them out. This is one of the best parts about traveling, especially if you’re a foodie. Trying something totally different from the food you are used to adds up to the excitement during the trip. Brazil is a gem for good exotic food. Eat Acaraje (black-eyed pea and shrimp fritters) and Beiju (pancake/dry crepe made of tapioca, filled with coconut or cheese curd) at the street markets. Not only you will gain new experience, you can also bring home unique flavors and dishes to share with friends and family.

2. Make good company

It is amazing to stay in the top hotel suites or enjoy the best spas and restaurants in the city. But, it is much better to interact with the local people and make friends. Blend in with them by trying clothes and accessories. Wear, in a respectful manner, a thobe (kandura) for men, or an abaya or hijab for women if you visit Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Locals appreciate tourists who try out cultural clothes because it shows their interest to know the culture and customs of the place.

3. Learn the language

You are probably wondering… How can I possibly learn a new language in such a short amount of time? Well, you don’t have to reach full fluency just yet. Just a few basic words and greetings will help you when asking for directions, ordering in a cafe or starting a conversation with a local. If you’re traveling for business or vacation in the Philippines, you would easily win Filipinos over with simple Tagalog phrases such as: Kumusta ka? (How are you?), Magandang umaga (Good morning) or Salamat (Thank you).

4. Explore the local culture

An ultimate global citizen is a culture vulture. The real fun in visiting a new place is seeking all opportunities to immerse in the local community. This creates a lasting connection as it builds trust and new relationships with the locals (albeit being there for only a week or so). The best trip is not just about how you get to the place. It’s more importantly about leaving the place with memories that enrich your soul, understanding how people have made an impact on you. Kenya has 42 different tribes that make up colorful cultures and values, an ultimate global citizen would not wait to discover.

5. Take pictures and life stories

In the era of social media and smartphones, taking pictures and videos during a trip is an unwritten rule. But, the ultimate global citizens go beyond 24-hr short clips and take the documentation to the next level: they take stories with them, too. These are memories captured to become testimonies of how beautiful the world is, and why you should witness its beauty. Take your camera and guidebook, go out and explore the sights and people, wander for hours (if you feel extra adventurous)! A photo of a happy family enjoying an afternoon stroll at the Louvre museum or a video of your Swiss Alps trek with native mountain guides — capturing a story is more memorable than a photo or a video.

6. Tour museums and history sites

Most people think museums are boring and outdated. But, it is a one-stop shop to learn a country’s history and get an overview of its culture. You can always check the events and activities prior to your travel so you can allot your time and resources wisely. According to CNN Travel, the most cultured cities include Shanghai (highest number of national museums: 27), London (highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites: 4) and Paris (highest number of public libraries: 830).

These tips will help you prepare your visit, wherever you decide to go. As an ultimate global citizen, it’s a lifetime challenge to find out the beauty hidden in every corner of the world. So grab any opportunity you have to visit a new country.

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