How 6 Countries Celebrate April Fool's Day

29 Mar How 6 Countries Celebrate April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day also known as ‘All Fools Day’ is celebrated on April 1st of every year throughout the world by playing different kinds of spoofs and pranks on people. Although the idea of April Fool’s Day is similar across the globe, there are small differences and variations in celebration from one country to the next. Here’s a brief look at how 6 countries have a laugh!

How 6 Countries Celebrate April Fool's Day


In Brazil, the day is called “Dia de Mentira” or “Lie Day”. It is a  day for “brincadeiras” i.e. pranks where people fool those closest to them by telling white lies to each other. Brazilians strongly believe that white lies and jokes are cures for the modern world’s ills.


One of the most popular jokes observed on the day is “mazas” – these are paper dolls pinned to someone’s back so that they are the target of mockery. It is also customary for the media to publish fabricated and implausible news leaving the readers clueless as to what is true. The next day, the media will reveal which of the news was made up.

How 6 Countries Celebrate April Fool's Day


April Fool’s Day is celebrated throughout France by kids secretly attempting to stick a paper fish to the backs of their friends. When the unlucky victim discovers the prank, the prankster shouts “Poisson d’Avril!” – which translates to “April Fish!” Better keep an eye out for paper fish stuck to your back if you’re traveling to France this holiday!


A popular belief associated with April Fool’s Day in Greece is that people relate good luck to a well pulled prank. So, if you successfully manage to trick another person, you will have a fortunate year! The fooled, unfortunately will have bad luck all year long.

How 6 Countries Celebrate April Fool's Day


In Scotland, the Scottish people celebrate April Fool’s Day over the course of two days. The first day involves taking part in a game where a person asks someone for help by means of a sealed “pass it along” chain letter. The day is traditionally referred to as “April Gowk”, “Hunt the Gowk” or “Gowkie Day”. Gowk means cuckoo (a foolish person). On April 2nd, “Tailie Day” is observed where people traditionally attach a “kick me” sign onto the backs of their friends. Watch out!


The traditions connected with April Fool’s Day in Ireland are much the same as in the UK. Pranks and gags last until noon. The pranked person is yelled at “April Fool!” News outlets sometimes publish absurd headlines and hoaxes on the day in an attempt to deceive people to drive on the right side when they are supposed to drive on the left! – Scary!

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