12 Nov 65 Must-Know Arabic Words & Phrases for Anyone Working in Healthcare

The constant increase in global mobility makes it essential for healthcare professionals to know more than one language in order to provide effective communication with patients. Knowing the correct terminology in the patient’s native language can help save time (and in some cases, even lives) while delivering high quality healthcare.

For medical professionals working in the Middle East, knowledge of the Arabic language is crucial to providing an excellent service. It supports your understanding, helps nurture your relationship with patients, while reassuring them that their needs and requests will be met.

We have compiled all the fundamental vocabulary for success in the healthcare industry in a comprehensive eBook. Here’s what you will learn:

  • 65 essential words and phrases in Arabic for any medical professional working in the Middle East
  • Top body language tips to ensure successful communication with your patients
  • Available in a downloadable and easy-to-read format!

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