02 Nov 5 Ways to Boost Employee Performance Across Borders

The key to being successful internationally is to ensure that the performance of employees isn’t compromised in any way and is consistently enhanced by the employers.

Here are 5 ways to boost the performance of your employees across borders to acquire high productivity, performance and profitability:

1. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Nothing compares to having effective and efficient communication in business. It can make or break a deal. Whether you communicate through video calls or via emails, identify and rectify the current (and potential) communication breakdowns so that they can be avoided in the future. Update your processes, keeping in mind your mobile employees, to promote a healthy and constant flow of internal communication across the board.

ProTip: Team building is never easy with geographically scattered groups. A great way to get team members to bond is by learning each other’s local language. Not only will it enable peers to learn from each other and strengthen their relationships, it will also help in day-to-day communication.

2. Motivate through Leadership

While there are an infinite number of characteristics that distinguish an exemplary leader from the others, certain practices outline the key behavioural qualities of a successful leader. Effectual leadership paves the way for team productivity, timely operations and goal driven achievements in an organization. As a result, your team is bound to experience high levels of motivation, cohesiveness and productivity.

Unlike traditional and autocratic leadership styles, transformational leadership generates the overall development, growth and success of the employee as well as the business. However, it is vital to highlight the fact that leadership success can only be transpired through valuable communication.

3. Create an Inclusive Workplace

For international businesses, creating surroundings that accept and encourage a diverse workforce is key to long-term sustainability. The increase in global mobility requires firms to create an atmosphere that accommodates employees from various nationalities, cultural backgrounds and speaking different languages. Leaders and team members can learn a few words in their peers’ native languages, while better understanding and appreciating their respective cultures.

Consequently, it is also important for the employee to embrace and learn about their host country’s culture, values and traditions. The knowledge and awareness of both the employee as well as employer will ease the transition that comes with global mobility. It will also help create an enriched understanding of each other for improved communication and productivity.

4. Drive towards a Common Goal

Organizations operating in multiple countries face a greater need to showcase and accentuate the strategic direction of the business. This creates synergy among the team members and aids their performance and productivity.

To put it simply, knowing the destination helps the driver draw a better and faster route to reach the target. For example, working to achieve a target, or acquiring a skill as a team, such as learning a language, can help embody the spirit of the group and improve the team’s performance as a whole.

5. Enhance Team Skills

Professional training is vital for improving the skills of employees. For teams spread out across the globe, skills such as cultural intelligence and foreign language proficiency support the success of all the above mentioned ways to improve performance.

International teams can study a language together through LiveOnline learning, an excellent and time-saving option that allows geographically dispersed groups to acquire foreign language proficiency in real time, with some of the best instructors residing across the world.

Bonus Tip!

As well as offering professional development training, employee perks can include discounts on gym memberships, restaurants, healthcare, and anything useful or relevant to your employees. Developing a successful reward culture that motivates employees to perform better and increases their loyalty to the company. Furthermore, it’s only fair to offer equivalent advantages to the employees of all branches, local and global, in order to attain consistent growth & success across borders.

Want to improve communication with your international teams? Start by learning their native language now! 


About the Author: Saania K. is passionate about language learning and cultural appreciation for business. She speaks English and Hindi and is considering learning Spanish. Powerful!.

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