30 May An Amazing Trip to Berlin, the Heart of Europe

Berlin, also known as the cultural capital of Europe, is a deep rooted, historic city renovated again thanks to a reunited nation, a dismantled wall and an inflow of young and inventive people from around the world.

Jasmine M., shares memories of Berlin
Craving some time in Germany, I went to Berlin last year in fall. My trip was to primarily visit some friends there.I travelled a lot using the U-Bahn and S-Bahn and visited the sights of Berlin. I often went to the Alexanderplatz and in the Nikolaiviertel. Alexanderplatz is one of the most famous squares in Berlin. The square was named after the Russian Czar Alexander I, which soon became a traffic hub when a train station was established there in 1882.


The Nikolaiviertel, is the oldest residential area of Berlin. Known for its restaurants and bars and its medieval lanes, Nikolaiviertel is one of the most favourite destinations for tourists.


While in Berlin I also tried the new Café “Tigertörtchen” with my friend and we went shopping in the Friedrichstrasse.


I did visit a lot of museums too and especially liked the museum island. The museum island is home to five of the most important museums in Berlin. The best way to spend the day at the museum island is to purchase a day ticket which permits entrance to each museum.

The weather in Berlin was pleasant; although it had started already to turn cold, it was still nice and sunny. On my last day in Berlin I went for a walk through the Bellevue-Park with its amazing, colourful leaves.




Top 5 Fact File for Berlin
Language Spoken: German
Currency: Euro
Local Dishes:
Berliner Potato Soup – smooth cream of potatoes, mixed with carrots, herbs, parsley and meat, topped with roast onion and best served with rye bread
Boulette – fried meatball made from beef and served with mustard, pickled eggs and gherkins.
Pfannkuchen – doughnut consisting of fried sweet yeast dough filled with marmalade or jam and iced with sugar.
Summers in Berlin are pleasantly warm with average highs of 22°C to 25°C. Winters can be much colder with temperature highs only reaching 4°C to 5°C.
Fun Fact:
Berlin has around 1700 bridges, much more than Venice, and also is home to 175 museums
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