07 Sep 7 Tips to Making the Best First Impressions with Dogs

It’s no secret that body language can either continue or end any conversation. Similarly, dogs a.k.a. ‘man’s best friend’ can sense a person’s body language and accordingly label it as a threat or a best friend. A dog lover isn’t necessarily always a dog owner so he or she may not be too familiar with the right way to approach a dog (no matter how badly they want to). Learn how to speak their language with these simple and effective gestures to show some tail waggin’ love.


Just like us, dogs have the ability to express themselves and communicate by their body language. Seeing a cute dog in the street and reaching out to it sounds pretty simple, but it’s important to know the correct ways to go about it. Whether you’re a dog owner or an avid lover of canines, be responsible to understand their body language and be the best friend they are to you.

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