06 Apr 6 Underrated Superheroes Every Comics Fan Should Know

Superheroes like Superman, Captain America, Spiderman and other Marvel or DC Comics characters have always been in the spotlight. Since they are the most popular ones (case in point: the number of times they star in movies with sequels), they have made it to the mainstream media, which is quite unfair to other hero squads who also ‘exist’.

It is high time that we talk about these superheroes from around the world who also do a pretty good job when it comes to saving the day.

Krrish (India)
Donning a cool-looking shape mask and a leather trench coat, Krrish or Krishna is one of India’s crazed superheroes who possesses superintelligence and great physical strength. He inherited his supernatural powers from his father bestowed by an alien. He runs fast, jumps from skyscraper to skyscraper and breaks into a song, because… Bollywood.

Le Peregrine (France)
En guarde! French comic fans have their own superhero doing exactly the same world-saving action-packed scenes in the streets of France. A regular guy, Alain Racine, turns into Le Pregerine equipped with a winged suit that enables him to fly and fight crime. Le Peregrine comes from ‘Le Faucon Pèlerin’, a real bird believed to have the fastest dive in the world and breeds predominantly in France. You can’t get more French than that.

Ultraman (Japan)
What can’t Japan do? It owns the fastest bullet train, quartz watches, ramen noodles and Ultraman. An all-time favorite Japanese superhero, Ultraman is a giant monster/alien-fighter who saves the world with his astronomical strength and supernatural abilities like teleportation, flight, self-replication and laser beams.

Darna (Philippines)
As the alter ego of a simple schoolgirl named Narda, Darna becomes a superhuman after swallowing a magical stone (courtesy of a fallen star from a faraway planet) and shouting her name to trigger transformation. She is known to have the “allure of Venus, glory of Apollo and the strength of Samson”.

Captain Sunshine (New Zealand)
It all started as a marketing tool to sell Sundial wristwatches, driven by an awareness campaign on the use of solar energy. Captain Sunshine was born and became New Zealand’s first eco-hero. He was sent to Earth by the intergalactic Sunshine protectors to help restore the planet by saving the whales, stop nuclear energy projects and other environmental actions. ‘The Adventures of Captain Sunshine’ was a popular comic series in 1980’s, and nobody thought it would become a successful business for solar watches.

Super Cholita (Bolivia)
By far the most feminist comic book hero with her deviating plus-size physique with powers to fight corruption and help the poor, Super Cholita is Bolivia’s champion of the masses. Her supernatural powers include flying, which she got from the Tiwanaku Temple. She wears heavy blanket skirts of the Altiplano, very evident of South American culture.

It’s safe to say that the world doesn’t revolve around Batman and Wonder Woman. At least you know who fights crimes in Japan or France, while Superman is busy lifting the out-of-gas airplane somewhere in America. Bad stuff also happens in other parts of the world, you guys. Lastly, regardless of the country, everyone deserves a superhero.

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