04 Jul 5 Top Things to Do When Visiting Atlanta

During her trip to Atlanta, GA, to attend the ATD 2017 Conference & Exposition, Manon H. describes her five top places to visit.

Atlanta is boasting of fun things to do, and the warm southern hospitality has to experienced to be believed. I was on a business trip with colleagues, and with the little spare time we had, there were many different attractions to visit. Here are five activities that we managed to squeeze into the busy schedule:

1. Centennial Olympic Park


Atlanta hosted the Summer Olympic Games in 1996 and the park was built as a gathering spot for residents and visitors to enjoy the Centennial Olympic Games.

Since then, the 21-acre area has been a lasting legacy of the Olympics, becoming one of the main attractions of Downtown Atlanta and bringing new investments and developments. The park was funded through the sale of over 400,000 commemorative bricks, which were used to pave the park. In 2016, to mark its 20th anniversary, the Georgia World Congress Center Authority, who operates the park, set up another ‘Adopt-a-Brick’ program to support funding of the park’s makeover.

2. Coca-Cola Museum


Yes, Coca-Cola originates from Atlanta! It all started in 1886, when John S. Pemberton unveiled this innovative, refreshing beverage at a soda fountain in a pharmacy. The Coca-Cola World museum, located near Centennial Olympic Park, retraces the entire history of the globally renowned drink, from scandals to successes. You can spare a good couple of hours to go through all the different areas of the museum, from a recreated factory to a 4D cinema experience and Coca-Cola inspired art, the museum has it all! There’s even a vault, which supposedly contains the famous “secret formula”! Unfortunately, that’s one element of the tour that remains a secret. After going through the evolution of the drink, there’s a free tasting session for all visitors – we got to taste Coca-Cola owned fizzy beverages from around the world. On the way out, we did a mandatory stop in the merchandise shop. There is everything you can think of, from branded magnets to vintage fridges!

3. American Diner


This may sound cliché, but when you’re visiting the US (and if you like burgers of course), going to a traditional diner is a must. We came across Johnny Rockets, and although there are branches all over the world, the experience is just that little bit more special when you visit this restaurant in the States, where it actually comes from.

Everything on the menu looked scrumptious – from burgers to a variety of flavored milkshakes and fries covered (and I mean, completely covered!) in cheese. YUM.

4. Conference Center


We were in Atlanta, exhibiting at the ATD Conference & Exposition 2017, representing Eton Institute’s training solutions for businesses. The tradeshow took place at the Georgia World Congress Center, which hosts multiple conferences and exhibitions throughout the year for various industries; it’s a hub for local and global businesses and professionals. The Convention Center alone is 3.9 million square feet, enough to get lost more than once!

5. College Football Hall of Fame


American Football is one of the most watched sports in America. Established in 1951, the College Football Hall of Fame highlights the achievements of key players and coaches of college football, now seen as role models for young players. The interesting fact is that only 0.02% of the best coaches and players are represented in this museum!

5 Fun Facts about Atlanta:  


1. Atlanta is the capital of the state of Georgia. Before Atlanta, four other cities had been named capital, including Augusta, Louisville, Milledgeville and Savannah.

2. Its airport, Hartsfield Jackson International, is one of the busiest airports in the country, due to its convenient location: it’s no more than 3 hours away from the largest US cities.

3. Atlanta has 71 streets with the word ‘Peachtree’ in their name. What’s more, this name has nothing to do with an actual peachtree. It’s said to come from the Native American word “pitch tree” and the pronunciation has changed to ‘peachtree’ through time.

4. Speaking of ‘trees’, Atlanta’s nickname is ‘City in a Forest’ due to its 100,000 shade trees, covering almost half of the city. That’s more than any other US city!

5. Atlanta attracts people from all over the world, and the most popular languages spoken at home, excluding English, are: Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean and Hindi.

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