5-Step Process to Align Language Training to Business Strategy

13 Feb ALIGN: The 5-Step Process for HR Professionals to Align Language Training to Business Strategy

From improved productivity to better working relationships, knowing the native language of your partner or client can change the course of your business and increase profitability.

While most companies provide language training to their workforce, many rarely consider how it might impact the long-term objectives of the business. Therefore, it is essential that a business’ overall strategy ALIGNs with its language training process in order to achieve optimal results.

We have compiled a 5-step process to help organizations ‘ALIGN’ language training to business strategy in an easy to follow eBook, available to download for free.

What you get: 

  • Key practices to merge your language training strategy with company objectives
  • Steps to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of the process
  • How to sell the language training process internally for better results


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