01 Oct 10 Surprising Ways LiveOnline Can Boost Your Team’s Development

Ever thought about taking your team training online? It might sound obvious to some, but moving the traditional classroom learning online takes blood, sweat and tears (almost, literally). Not only to convince the senior level of the efficiency of the program, but also to keep your team(s) motivated to join the training and stick to it.

Rest assured, difficult doesn’t mean impossible. Here’s a comprehensive guide explaining why LiveOnline should be at the top of your ‘options-to-consider-to-impress-the-boss’ list. Don’t hide it, you have one. Don’t we all?

1. One training for all teams, globally

Two words: accessible anywhere. By far, the #1 benefit of online learning. Wherever your teams are located, they can join the same training, saving heaps of time and coordination efforts. Their skills will be enhanced at the same time, supporting their productivity: everyone will be on the same page (finally!).

2. …or tailored training according to team needs

No need for the same training across the board? Train your teams according to their specific needs. Virtual instructors are available around the world, meaning they’re available in different time zones and for different training requirements. You have so much more training talent to choose from! If you need a Latin American Spanish course for your team in Germany, and a Mandarin Chinese course for your team in the US, connect instructors with the team and watch the magic happen. Training can still take place at the same time, while staying relevant to each team.

10 Surprising Ways LiveOnline Can Boost Team Development

3. Interactive platform supports engagement in between teams

Nowadays a multitude of platforms offer a virtual classroom environment, with attractive features. Combine these super cool functionalities with the expertise and dynamism of the instructor and you have yourself a unique kind of training that will engage your teams, while supporting their knowledge retention and skill application. To put it simply, the online learning platform is like the new tech toy to play with. Because sometimes sitting in a classroom doesn’t cut it…

4. Budget-friendly

This is commonly used in the sales pitches of training companies (we’d know, we mention it sometimes too). Save money they said, it’ll be fun they said. Although some sales reps tend to sugarcoat it a little too much to close the deal, they do have a point. Virtual learning saves cost:

  • Fewer instructors, overall. Remember, you have more talent choice and you can hire the instructors that can deliver training in different areas of expertise and/or languages.
  • Less internal coordination time. Online training? Online coordination too. Everything can happen over an email or your internal communication system.
  • No transportation fees, neither for the trainers nor the trainees.
  • No printing of material. And you’re saving trees too! Double win.

10 Surprising Ways LiveOnline Can Boost Team Development

Add it all up, and you’ll save up enough for that awesome end-of-year internal event you’ve been wanting to do for so long. That’s also on the ‘impress-the-boss’ list, right?

5. Works at the office and on-the-go

The busy travelers who use their plane journeys as a way to get out of training time, will no longer have excuses. Wherever they are, on a plane, train or tuk-tuk, as long as they have an internet connection and some kind of internet-compatible device they can learn on the go. Not only does it support their continuous professional development, it also helps the team dynamic. If John from the Finance department can do it while traveling, everyone else in the office can do it too.

6. Supports global mobility

Whether through company expansion, employee relocation or team members opting for a more flexible work-life balance, your talent can be found across the globe. That doesn’t mean they should miss out on all the cool stuff you do for their development. Help them set up in their new location by learning the local language, provide continuous development for team members who prefer working from home, make sure your other branches are given as much care and attention as your headquarters. The boost in employee well-being and your high retention rates will speak for themselves.

10 Surprising Ways LiveOnline Can Boost Team Development

7. Complements continuous learning programs

Continuous learning programs provide a consistent flow of knowledge and skills to take your talent from (almost) zero to hero. While supporting your organization’s leaders in implementing internal changes, continuous learning helps realign company goals with employee performance. The best part is that there is always something to learn, whether it’s a language or a professional skill, learning literally never ends. Virtual classes provide the flexibility and convenience to support life-long (or at least career-long) learning for settled employees as well as the newbies. Regardless of age and experience, they’ll be on the same page.

8. Team bonding

Who would’ve thought Joe working in China would bond with Sandra from the UAE office? Of course, they work for the same company, but without training, they may not have bothered to learn more about one another or what they’re trying to achieve in their respective jobs. Connecting teams globally (or even regionally, nationally, etc) improves the team dynamic while building new relationships. Not only have they learnt a new skill, they also get to know who they’re really working with and help each other out. Who ever said no to an effective inter-team collaboration?

10 Surprising Ways LiveOnline Can Boost Team Development

9. Live Instructor interaction

This aspect is often overlooked, but it’s crucial. Going back to the blood, sweat and tears, the presence of a (human) facilitator can really help soothe the transition from the traditional classroom to the virtual training courses. Learners can ask questions, practice with a native speaker and receive immediate feedback, reassuring them in their learning. Once they get the hang of this, their trust in online learning will increase. Implementing or complementing the training with a self-study learning platform will be so much easier.

10. ‘Your Brand’ 2.0

Once again, this may be old news for some, but a stepping stone for others. You know it, we all know it, there’s only one way to go: 2.0. By embracing new technologies and relying on them to develop your talent shows an innovative and forward thinking mindset within your company. If you’re not yet convinced, you’ll grow to love it. Your Millennial & Gen Y workforces are already a step ahead and would be expecting such training. As Learning & Development professionals, LiveOnline allows you to be two steps ahead, for your employees and most importantly among your competitors.

Interested in taking your training LiveOnline? Let’s talk.

Prefer sticking to the good ol’ classroom-based learning. We can talk about that too.


About the Author: Manon H. is passionate about languages and innovative communication strategies for businesses. She is fluent in French & English and strives to learn something new every day.

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